Cusco to Puno Bus

inka express cusco puno bus

Inka Express Premium Cusco to Puno and Puno to to Cusco Bus Service Provides Guaranteed Seats And Modern Amenities.

Treat yourself to a unique Andean experience with Inka Express and its special Cusco Puno Bus transportation service.

This special sightseeing tour ride are for those people interested in visiting Lake Titicaca, Uros Island or Taquile Island.

There are certainly many providers that offer bus transportation services for the Cusco Puno Bus route and most of them cover the region of Puno only, but none like Inka Express.

Inka Express bus transportation services is focused on providing fun and safe passage from Cusco City to Puno, and are among the most skilled and active in the Peruvian bus-travel industry.